Animals - People  - Environment - United in Harmony

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. 

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

-Chinese proverb



Formally known as Living With Animals, EarthsongHeartmagic has evolved to encompass all: people, animals, plants and the environment.  It is the service branch of Maja’s Circle.


Through telepathic and intuitive communication and directions; consults, seminars, classes and mentoring focus on the whole interaction and interconnectedness of an issue, behavior, problem or circumstance.  A wide variety of modalities are used, so that whatever is needed at the time can be presented. 


Consults have ranged from basic animal communication and personal readings to puppy/foster animal placement, setting up color/healing energies, removal of blocks/obstructions, reconnection to self, Higher Self and Universal Spirit, past life work, reincarnation, removal of negative environmental/beings within the house or land.  Whatever is being called to do at that time, a modality will be presented to assist in resolving the issue.


The work is done as a team as all participants have their part to play.  Nothing can be forced upon a being when all work together.  Only through permission and love can energy work truly succeed.


Seminars, classes and mentoring programs focus on awareness and opening the skills and knowledge each being has within them.  All energy and beings contain Universal Knowledge.  It is the willingness and desire that propels all learning.


EarthsongHeartmagic provides a safe, loving and open atmosphere to learn individual gifts and knowledge hidden within through assisted play, experimentation and experiences. 

Disclaimer:  Information given on website, consults, seminars, classes, and mentoring is NOT intended for training, diagnosis or medical purposes. For medical issues and emergencies or animal training problems, please contact the appropriate medical, veterinarian, or trainer personnel before booking a consult or reading.

Information given is based on the emotional/spiritual connection to the body and situation.  It is HIGHLY recommended any alternative treatment be done in conjunction with your medical provider, veterinarian, or professional animal trainer.