Julie Snouffer


"The experience gathered from books, though often valuable, is but the nature of learning; whereas the experience gained from actual life is the nature of wisdom."
- Samuel Smiles


Everything contains energy.  I communicate with animals, plants, and the world around me.  We all do.  In my case, the animals, plants and world communicate back to me.  It is an innate, organic, natural way of life.  It’s the link between animals, people and the environment and how spiritual growth and healing can come from the relationship each of us establishes with the world around us.  I work with animals to educate people on that interconnectedness as well as assisting in the spiritual advancement and mastery desired by my clients (both animal and human).  I have found that as the animal/person/environment bond becomes stronger, communication and healing takes place on all levels.


I have been called an animal communicator, a first generation Indigo child, an intuitive/energy master, a wizard, an angel, a sensitive and even a Jen/Genie.  And though society demands a title for the work a person does, I find any title I give myself limits me to the abundance of knowledge the Universe contains.  I find it difficult to describe exactly what I do, for I do is whatever is called upon in any given situation.  I ask for whatever information needs to be presented and the Universe supplies the answers in various forms and energies.  I work with unlimited possibilities for the best outcome for all.


At a young age, I felt things that seemed different from other family members.  I remember putting words into babies’ mouths and animal actions, wanting to save those birds and rabbits injured in the back yard.  I KNEW I could do something, I just didn’t know what at that time. I was the sensitive one in my family and could meld into any emotion/situation shown to me at that time. I heard many stories from my maternal great-aunt and uncle about séances, ghosts, and those things that go bump in the night.  My father’s intuition proved itself strong in many circumstances and I go to him today to verify certain things. We always had animals as a part of our family; a multitude of different species (dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, rabbits, turtles) and I always felt a kinship with them.  And I was always searching for answers: answers to life’s problems, answers to who I truly was and why I was here.


It wasn’t until Sophie arrived in my early 30’s that I started to really understand.  My life as a ASL interpreter was no longer satisfying and I was, once again, searching for meaning in my life. In 1995,  I took a full-year class on Psychic Development and things started to fall into place.  In class, my focus would go to people, animals, plants, the environment and how interrelated everything was.  I was being shown through the experiences with my own animal family and the experiences they were bringing me.  It started with Sophie.  Soon my family grew with more cats, hamsters, rabbits, birds and fish, as well as the occasional wildlife that entered our space for healing or transition.  (No dogs, the complex where I lived did not allow them). Each animal that came, I discovered how connected we were, how each personality made up the whole and how the seen and unseen are one in the same energy.  We are all on our own path of learning, yet so very interdependent to achieve that mastery.


 After the psychic coursework, I furthered my education with Energy Medicine courses, a diploma in Animal Care Specialist and became an ordained minister.  But my education truly lived within the experiences presented to me every day.  Life has been my best teacher.  What I have learned through my interactions with nature and the Universe could not be learned from a book and is a continuous process.  Each experience has its own teachings.


I have had clients throughout the United States, The Virgin Islands and England.  I’ve been on interviewed on both the radio and TV and have had articles written about me in newspapers.  I’ve also had an article published in Fate Magazine (May 2000).