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    "Julie has helped me and my dog move from being just housemates to being a real team. As an older human adopting an older dog, I knew I had a lot to learn, and I knew the dog had a lot to unlearn. Working with a trainer just made us both feel inadequate -- there was a right way and a wrong way, and we knew which way we were going.

    Julie, though, came in with an open heart and a solid understanding of human/pet relationships. She's part therapist, part trainer and part natural healer. She knows there's no single path to forging a relationship with a new pet. She has only been interested in helping me and my dog find a way that works for us. I have been impressed with her patience, her skill and her generosity. And, she doesn't just walk away at the end of our time together. She follows up with new ideas or links to helpful websites. She has proved time and again what a valuable resource she is for me and Brew. I highly recommend her services."

C. Peters

Mpls, MN


    " I am so grateful to have found Julie to assist me in healing and understanding what was happening with my 15 year old male cat, Llyr.

     Being an energy worker, I have helped many doctors with their terminally ill patients, especially when no traditional treatments seem to work. I know my 2 cats, both 15 years, are involved in this endeavor; however, never has my work caused them to become so intertwined with a patient's symptoms. I do not see my patients in my house, so neither patient nor cat was ever in the other's presence. I was working with a very sick woman. As she could not eat and became very weak, my cat refused to eat and also became very weak.

     Because my cat became so thin and weak, it frightened me that he might die, just like my patient. I was desperate, heard Julie on a radio show, and immediately knew that she was the answer I was looking for to help me with Llyr.

     Julie helped me see that all of us (patient, cat, me) shared a very difficult past life that we were, once again, participating in. However, in this present life, some of us had evolved, and we could make different choices. She did a body scan on Llyr and found several organs where the energy was reversed. This caused the organs to not work properly thus throwing the internal body functions off and creating a weak and unbalanced energy field. She found that when he assisted me in spiritual work, he left his body leaving it vulnerable to other sources. She encouraged me to stay connected energetically with him, checking him for any reversals.

     With this information, Llyr and I decided that he would retire from doing spiritual work, and live, in his body, the rest of his life as a joyful cat."

- Patrice
Northern California


     “With my many years of working with animals, I never thought it possible to communicate on a deeper level.  Julie’s classes taught me that I can and I have been doing it.  Julie’s teachings simplified the technique and showed me that I have the ability and had been using it to some degree in the past.”

- D. Gray, Dog Breeder MN

       (Graystone Collies)


     “Julie has helped us feel much more connected to our pets.  She was especially supportive when our black lab’s hips failed, and we had to put him down.  We felt much better talking to Grendel through Julie about our decision.  Knowing he was ready to go made it less painful.”

- S. Likely, MN


     “Shadow and Whispers are an important part of my family.  I like to have Julie over for family consultations on a regular basis.  It’s important to me that everyone in the house has a clear voice that is heard.  It makes for a more loving and harmonious home, especially when there’s been any change happening.”


- K. Lyman

 (Transformation Facilitator)


     “I find Julie’s work facilitates a deeper understanding with my animal companions.  It especially helped with Rusty, a new rescue animal companion.  I belive the sessions with Julie assisted him to adapt to new situations and to recover from the stress and trauma of his previous life.”

- C. Grams

 (Chiropractor/Animal Body Worker)

     “In 1997 I was at a dog show in Minneapolis.  Across the aisle from where we were set up was Julie with a sign saying "Animal communications - Show special".  I rolled my eyes and thought, "now I've heard it all....people must have too much money!"  And I dismissed her and the entire concept as phoney.  That was early Saturday morning.  As it turned out, we had to stay the entire day and by the end of Saturday I had noticed that this woman was doing a very brisk business.  By 11 AM on Sunday, with business still very good, my curiosity got the best of me and I grabbed a woman leaving Julie's booth and asked her what she thought of her experience.  She said that Julie was right on about her dog and that she was very pleased w/the reading.  At that time I decided to take a chance and have a communication done with our dog, Rikki, to hopefully resolve a behavior issue we were having.

     Well, long story short, that reading was so insightful and dead on accurate that I asked for a 2nd for another dog we had at home.  Before I even got his name out of my mouth, Julie said "And he likes to run away....".  This floored me because she had no picture, no name, not even a description and she was exactly right!  But I was still skeptical and thought perhaps it was a lucky guess as that is a very common problem.  However, through the years, I have used Julie countless times and she has never been wrong.

     I've used Julie to talk to litters of puppies to help in placement.  At the same time, sometimes my puppy buyers would get their own communications done and we'd compare notes.  Julie's communications have always been more accurate than any other communicator I know of.

     I've taken classes from Julie and learned tons.  She taught me how to communicate telepathically, to feel auras and all sorts of other cool stuff!  She has a natural gift for teaching and puts one right at ease.  There is no judgment from her, only encouragement and support.

     Julie has changed my life more than I can say.  She opened my mind and my heart and showed me a whole other world that started me on a path that improved not only my life, but my entire family's.  She taught me how to respect animals as equal souls who just happen to have different bodies than we do.  There are no words to express the gratitude I have for this woman.  I whole heartedly recommend her.”

- S. Kaminski, New Mexico


     “More than two years ago, Julie Snouffer was referred to me by a friend, to help me with my dog,Gizzie, a female Shih Tsu. She was aging and we were having some behavior and health issues resulting in our not understanding each other. Since I do intuitive work for humans, it has become very clear to me how gifted Julie is--not just for animals, but for all life. She was able to help me understand what Gizzie was trying to tell me. I made changes in her diet as well as being more patient. We both were able to relax. There was a marked difference in Gizzie as soon as Julie communicated what was going on.

     At this time, Julie was also able to educate me more on how animals relate to humans; that each animal has certain desires. For example, Gizzie preferred blues and jazz but would listen to other types of music. Spicer foods were upsetting her digestion and could I make her food a little more bland. Little did I know! Some minor adjustments made both of us much happier.

     About a year ago, I needed Julie to help us again. Gizzie was not eating as usual and I was doing everything to try and get her to eat. After going to her vet, we discovered she had kidney problems and we switched her to a special diet. She started to eat but we knew it was a temporary solution.

    In July, 2010, Gizzie once again was having problems eating (due to kidneys and her teeth were hurting) and it was evident the end was closer. Julie communicated that Gizzie was ready and fine with leaving. Would I be okay if she came back to me again? I was delighted and was thinking the same thing. Again, as soon as we both understood what was happening, Gizzie relaxed and I was able to appreciate more fully our last days together. Julie communicated that Gizzie was in more pain than I had realized and she did not want any type of surgery or special medication. That was why she refused the special diet and pills in her food.

     Letting go of Gizzie has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Yet I knew it was the right time for her and that information helped me during this time.

     Shortly after Gizzie was put down at the Veterinarian’s office, she came to Julie and sent me a letter through her. She thanked us for letting her go; for listening and that it had gotten too hard for her. I feel her near me all the time, as she said she would be.

     Since July, Julie has guided me in understanding more about animals along with other beings, plants, trees, birds and all life everywhere! I have always been open to it but through Julie, I see and feel things differently, in a more spiritual way than ever before. She has helped me with some of my own issues, referred me to other resources, and supported me through my grief.

     Julie has many gifts, talents and skills to impart whether for humans, animals or beings in other dimensions. She has a wealth of information that eases and soothes the spirits of all.

I thank Julie for making a huge difference in my life and in Gizzie’s life as well. She is a wonderful communicator; a seer with many talents along with a giving and loving heart. It is amazing to see and feel the difference in daily life when a communication of understanding for each other happens. It is absolutely beautiful!

I whole-heartedly encourage using Julie Snouffer as your communicator. She’s fantastic!”

-J. Hoard, Cross Plains, WI