“You asked, so I answered.

And maybe you’ll never ask again.  And maybe I’ll never answer again.”

- Pepper, the Pleacostomus



Consults are done in a conversational style.  I asked that questions be formed before the consult as a starting point.  I charge for my time, not for my service so I can open to whatever is needed during the consult.  I have done personal and environmental consults as well as the animal communication, sometimes all in one consult.  Everything is connected.  Many times the issue an animal presents is actually an opening for growth and learning not only for the animal, but for the people and environment involved.

All consults are collaborative communication, mutually respectful and confidential.  Consults involve (but not limited to) emotional/behavior issues, spiritual growth, abused/injured animals and rehab, transitional stages (new family members, litter placements, moving, old age/death) and vibrational/energy healings.


The initial contact is free.  To make an appointment, please have the names, ages and breed of the animals.  It is not necessary to explain the issue, but many times, I do get information during the initial contact so any information given is helpful.


Phone/Skype Appointments:

  • 30 minute session: $60.00
  • One hour session: $90.00
  • $2.00 per minute for each minute past the set consult time.
  • First time consult: pre-paid only

In Home Appointments:

  • One hour minimum sessions $125.00 (additional charges over one hour)
  • Limited area
  • Mileage charge for outside the greater Mpls./St. Paul area

Email/Chat Appointments:

  • Established clients only
  • Ongoing consults/mentoring
  • Payment on an individual basis


  • Minimum 5 paying consults
  • Payment on an individual basis